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How to understand your baby's signals during a swimming lesson?

During a swimming lesson, your baby goes on an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes panicked, sometimes excited, he shares his feelings with you through cries, moans or excessive attachment. But what to do in such circumstances?

How to react if your baby cries?

Get away from the crowds a bit while staying in the water. There, gently pat his back while whispering a lullaby. The goal is to allay his fears while preventing him from associating water with bad memories.

If he really has trouble controlling his emotions, get out of the water until he becomes calm again.

What if your baby doesn't want to leave you anymore?

Sometimes, under the effect of stress, a child clings to the center of his existence: you.

If this happens, don't push your child away and tell them to be independent. Instead, accompany him to carry out the instructions given by the lifeguard. Stay by his side until he regains his confidence.

How to react if your child makes a scene?

It's every parent's nightmare.

While everything was going well, your child goes into a rage. Without warning, he goes into a mad rage and begins a tantrum.

Do not follow him on this slippery slope. To defuse the bomb, move away from the crowd while remaining calm. Ask or observe your baby to find out what is wrong. As soon as you've pinpointed what's wrong, fix the problem.


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