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Why take parent-child swimming lessons?

How about spending 30 minutes in the water with your child? Whether it's to strengthen parent-infant bonds or build baby muscles, these sessions are extremely beneficial. Are you still hesitating? After reading this article, you will head for the pool closest to you.

Observe your baby's reflexes

If your child is two months old, taking him to the pool is a golden opportunity to admire his kicking and his effort. Indeed, in the placenta, the child is constantly floating. Inevitably, six months after his birth, he has not yet lost this reflex. Once in contact with water, it will instinctively kick its legs.

Improve your intellectual faculties

Swimming forces your baby to use certain areas of his brain. Indeed, he is required to analyze the space, to evaluate the distances and to plan his actions. Even if he does it without realizing it, all these elements contribute to the development of his cognitive functions.

Muscle your body

The advantage of swimming is that it solicits many muscles but gently. By dint of swimming, your baby will have walking and other facilities.


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