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Swimming: what impact on the development of a child?

Already at one year old, toddlers can be taken to the pool. Yes… There is no need to wait until he is three or six years old. And considering the developmental benefits of swimming, the earlier a child learns about the water, the better.

Swimming for children: what are the physical benefits?

Immersed in water, children free themselves from the chains of gravity. This is why they can develop their flexibility and their motor skills without making titanic efforts. A complete sport, swimming allows them to gently strengthen their muscle mass.

In addition, swimming for children has the advantage of working the breath. In the water, his heart gradually strengthens as he learns to control his breath. What advantages!

Swimming for children: what are the psychological benefits?

On a mental level, swimming for children is a powerful vehicle for personal development. By moving in the water, the child becomes aware of his body and its limits. He thus gains self-confidence and becomes less shy. Also, learning to swim is a great way to learn how to manage stress effectively.


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