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5 safety rules to follow before entering the pool

Facing the water, children have only one desire: to undress and dive head first. Except that in order to avoid incidents, it is crucial to respect certain rules before entering the pool. Find out which ones.

  1. Make sure they don't come in alone No matter how enthusiastic your child is, they should never go into the water alone. Make sure you're at his side when he hits the water. Likewise, the authorization of the lifeguard is mandatory.

  2. Look for and read the signs All around the pool basin are signs indicating the procedure to follow to avoid accidents. Take the time to read them and apply these tips to the letter.

  3. Always walk, never run Above all, do not run around the pool. Indeed, when this area is wet, it can be particularly slippery.

  4. Exercise caution when entering/exiting the pool Use a handrail to avoid slipping or falling when entering or exiting the pool.

  5. Use the stairs to enter/exit the water This is the surest way to avoid falls or missteps.


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