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Why should swimming be practiced continuously?

Still growing, your child needs to develop both his muscles and his brain. Only here… Because of your schedule, you bring them to the pool on an ad hoc basis. Find out why swimming should be an integral part of your children's daily life.

An essential survival skill

22% of drownings involve children under the age of six. In other words, learning to swim is a key skill that could save your children's lives.

Develop their muscles gently

Swimming is a complete sport. Whether he is doing the breaststroke, the crawl or other, your child must use almost all his muscles. Only, as the water frees him from gravity, he does not feel the repercussions of this intense effort.

Boost their mind

Like any physical activity, swimming requires psychological effort. Studies have shown that a child who swims frequently has better diction, is more confident and does not hesitate to step out of his comfort zone.

In view of all these advantages, what are you waiting for to enroll your child in a swimming club? You will not regret it.


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